Children learn basic skills and understanding of mathematical concepts through a combination of problem solving activities and mental calculations.

We provide our children with the basic skills and an understanding of essential mathematical processes aiming for them to become fluent in using the number system, to be able to reason and solve problems, to enjoy maths and develop the skills to use it as a tool for future life. Our children engage in a great deal of number work and problem solving through the wider application of mathematics. This includes money, time, statistics, measurement, shape and the ability to use mathematics in everyday life.

We aim, through careful teaching, to help children not only achieve the correct solutions but also to understand and value the process of that achievement. They should then be able to meet new situations and problems in a positive manner, confident in the knowledge that they have the mathematical skills to support them.

At Membury, we use the White Rose scheme to guide our maths coverage and adapt to teach maths in our mixed-age classes and to personalise the learning to meet the children's needs. We teach arithmetic in KS2 on a Friday to embed the calculation skills we have learnt in Autumn throughout the rest of the year as well as focussing on rapid recall of number facts to aid fluency.

To support children and parents to understand the calculation methods used in school we have created a child-friendly calculation policy. Please see below the calculation methods for KS2 and the full school calculation policy.